My art work is one of the ways the Divine speaks to and through me. In reverence and delight, I co-create my paintings with whispers from faerie, devas, angels, archangels and other energies of love. May they bring you peace and joy abounding.

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Orcas Island

I am called to this island Orcas, by slabs of stone, cedar & madrone, birds & winds, the sea surrounding. My studio becomes wherever I am beckoned to be, in the woods, by the shore, adding soil, sand & wild rose into each painting. On this island, my heart & soul remember Lemuria.


Loving angels arrive on the canvas to assist us on our journeys. High frequency beings, they embody joy, love, compassion and strength. Let us remember to ask them for guidance as they are ready to shower us with love.


In Galisteo, New Mexico my first co-created paintings channeled through: huge colorful canvases sharing ancient spirit energies. I am profoundly grateful for the divine guidance that led me to this small, spirit-filled community just south of Santa Fe, and the opportunity to live & paint in Agnes Martin’s art studio for 13 months.


Many months exploring the west coast of Ireland touched my soul deeply. These paintings share memory of my living on Hy-Brasil, an island off the west coast of Ireland, a kind of mystical Irish Avalon.

Santa Fe

All of these paintings were created in the forests surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico, and share joyous, high-vibrational imagery from the unseen world. My intimate day-to-day interaction with nature spirits profoundly influenced what arrived on the canvas.

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