My art is a co-creative process with the Divine. I begin by sitting in front of a canvas, silent, patient, as I wait for the subtle or exuberant energies around me to begin speaking. Sometimes it’s an image, a phrase or a color that appears in my mind’s eye, with intuition and sacred guidance interplaying. My work is multi-layered, colorful, a magical dance of movement with Spirit. The paintings are portals, doorways carrying us into a deeper communion with joy, harmony and the mystical.

Many months of traveling on the west coast of Ireland recently, and the past five years in rural New Mexico have indeed penetrated my paintings with an emergence of faerie, angelic, ancestral & animal totem energies. 

Sharing Golden Light Intuitive Readings is a deeply open-hearted way for me to assist others on their paths to wholeness and light. 

I am thrilled to offer private and group intuitive painting workshops. Play, prayer, gratitude and a profound interaction with nature help nourish and nurture our creative adventures. 


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