divine light intuitive readings

Welcome beautiful soul.  What a divine spark of light you are, here to honor your soul’s expression. Are you ready? Let’s engage with what’s arising for you in this Now Moment and explore your questions, dreams and desires. Let’s open new portals of Presence and awareness.

Our time together can inspire you to hear your own inner voice, reminding you of your divinity and how to trust what life is presenting. Let’s explore You in Oneness with all life.

In every reading, I invoke the highest vibration of love & light to come forth on your behalf calling in powerful beings and energies. Often using sacred oracle cards, we can hear from your guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, Gaia, nature spirits, those who have passed & more. My spiritual gifts include clairaudience, clarisentience, clairvoyance, and a deep communion with the power & light of Gaia and Sophia Christos.

Readings are available by phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or in person by appointment.

For over 10 years, I have been sharing readings in the U.S. and overseas in Ireland. I look forward to meeting you.

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My Intuitive Reading with Oonagh was extraordinary. I felt the presence of the unseen world quickly into the session. My own intuitions were heightened, as I was reminded of our access, by Oonagh’s easy access, to those on the other side. Her reading brought joy and enlightenment about my personal path and was truly a gift.


Oonagh’s readings are beautiful, heartful, joyful downloads of spiritual alchemy. I felt seen and encouraged on my path in ways that tended to deep patterns – full of loving challenge for me to move to my next evolution. I recommend Oonagh’s readings to anyone who is looking to be witnessed in a way that provides clarity and motivation, unlocking new resources for support on your path.

ancestral healer, writer

I felt seen and understood in ways that matter to me. New doorways opened at a soul level during my reading with Oonagh. Her energy is so uplifting, clear and loving.

artist, spiritual counselor

I had an angel reading with Oonagh a few days ago, and I can already feel my life changing in profound ways based on what was discovered about myself during our call. I feel that these angel readings are extremely valuable for everyone at any time in life — and especially for young adults such as myself who are in the early stages of our careers, and can use the information from the readings to help guide us on our journeys.

Graphic Designer & Co-Founder of Latitude Studio

Oonagh’s readings from the heart are full of joy and extremely valuable. She has helped me discover ignored parts of myself and new creative choices which have led to more clarity and loving self-acceptance.

shamanic and vibrational healer and teacher

The Intuitive reading I had with Oonagh was one of the most exciting, magical, joyful experiences I have had since moving to Santa Fe. Oonagh’s gift goes way beyond the reading from the cards.  Her very presence transforms and she takes on a luminous glow that flashes with excitement and joy. Her intuition goes deeper by far than what is implied with the cards, and her delivery is filled with emotion and physical expression. You know that she is totally involved with you and what she “sees” for you – all with love.

healer and computer systems engineer

My reading was a remarkably accurate revelation and confirmation of my innermost thoughts regarding questions I’ve had about how to move forward with my life. What a gift!!

author, lawyer, energetic land clearer

Oonagh’s heart based connection to Divine Light is evident even just being in her presence. She radiates a pure light essence that has the capacity to make manifest all the magic that normally cannot be seen. She has a special connection to the Faerie realms and they speak through her physical vessel in the readings. Every card she pulled for me was like a direct message from Source, providing exactly the insight I seemed to be needing at the time. Oonagh’s gift is meant to be shared now at this time to help facilitate our personal and planetary embodiment of our highest essence nature!

fiber artist

My reading with Oonagh Elisa was a unique, spirit-filled experience. I felt she connected with a divine vibration as she interpreted the cards from her magical deck. Oonagh intuitively tapped into the higher realms of wisdom with incredible fluidity and gifted me with clarity and valuable guidance for my life’s purpose, during a challenging transformational time on my journey forward. What a blessing!

retired real estate developer

I have been blessed by 2 intuitive card readings with Oonagh Elisa.The energy she carries is wise, whimsical, insightful, creative and authentic. The space she holds for others unfoldment and understanding is sacred. I recommend her readings highly and without reservation.

family therapist

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