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Oonagh is a practitioner of Angelic Healing, a modality that offers healing, channeled messages and spiritual counseling from the Archangels. Oonagh uses etheric cord cutting during these sessions, whereby old negative patterns and tendencies from this and previous lifetimes are released. This graceful process helps dissolve lower vibrational energies associated with people, places, events and objects.

Oonagh invokes the highest vibration of love & light to come forth as she tunes in to the angelic realms. Her spiritual gifts include clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and loving communion with the sacred.

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Note: Sliding scale is available if needed. Please contact me.

I’ve had several readings with Oonagh in the years we’ve known each other. Each has been truly insightful. She has a direct channel with her guides and allows their messages to come through. I’ve found her energetic cord cutting to be especially powerful. I highly recommend her divinely guided services and continue to recommend people to her.

Managing Director, Eddington Advisory Services

Oonagh’s Angelic Healing is delightful. Her connection to the Archangels and other angelic beings is clear and profound. The session resulted in opening and softening deep energetic blockages that I have had for many years. In the days following our session, I found myself working on projects that I had been procrastinating on for some time, and enjoying every minute.

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