an island in maine


it’s solstice, santa fe heat, and mount desert island arrives.

i used to stand on this granite outcrop in the early mornings on the island. the sea, just over the edge.

wild winds brush the surface of the water, colors blue green black. My mittens tuck into the deep pockets of my wool coat, my heart is singing.

you never know when you have to leave somewhere, move somewhere new, begin again. it happens. it can bring joy. a courage you never knew you had.


an island in maine — 3 Comments

  1. Ah, the holy in the ordinary, the Ordinary in the Holy.
    Inspiration in the Kitchen, by the sea, in the lengthy Denver Airport security check-in line. There’s poetry in them there hills, in them there photographs and paintings. There’s imagery bubbling and pooling in them there words.

    Keep going. I’m looking forward to MORE.

    Love, HarpaLa

  2. My words were suddenly lost just moments ago … something to do the Birth of Venus and the after-thought of Holy in the Ordinary bringing Me closer to Mother Earth looking through a window that separates a space in time that only sees clearly for a second or two and then … we return to the beginning again – but, let us hope we dip inside or out within the sphere and not spin around and around and … z

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