About Oonagh Elisa

My paintings are a dance with color, light, movement, divine energies and my intuition. My creative process is visible on the canvas: expressive gestural paint strokes are nestled next to thin pencil lines joined in harmony with opaque corners of goache. I layer the paint pigments on thick and often scratch into them with feather, stick, the end of a paintbrush, presenting a curious unfolding of mark makings. Perhaps a new language being uncovered, or an ancient one to be remembered? The result is work of art most alive, full of breath, where nature spirits, animals, ancients, angels and more are brought into form. In translating the mystical, it is my hope to open gateways to a new reality, a new seeing, where we recognize ourselves as vibrational beings of light connected to all. 

I have a master’s degree in art/museum education from the University of Maine, USA; was on the art faculty at Acadia Senior College, Mount Desert Island, Maine; was the founder/teacher of SpiritSong Intuitive Painting; have a master’s certificate in Painting From the Source, with Aviva Gold, Ojai, California.  For the past five years, Santa Fe, New Mexico has been my home. Prior to that, I lived for many years on an island in Maine with my family.

My art work is collected all over the United States and across the sea in Ireland.



Art of the Sacred, VQ Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, solo mixed media paintings from Ireland, September, 2019

She Walks Between the Worlds, Solo art show featuring paintings from Galisteo, New Mexico & West Coast of Ireland, SpinDoc, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Feb. 2019

Voices, Body of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sept. 2016-Feb. 2017     mixed media paintings and photographs

Out of the Wood, North Haven Gallery, North Haven, Maine, July 2012 Photography exhibited with new wood pieces by Eric Hopkins

Souvenir, Northeast Harbor Library, Maine, May 2012, photography

Translations, Grand Gallery, Ellsworth, Maine, March 2012, photography & poetry

Word as Art, Ethel H. Blum Gallery, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine January 2012, drawings

Layers of Time, Northeast Harbor Library, Northeast Harbor, Maine April 2010, mixed media installation piece

MDI Open, Sam Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME, May 2007, 2008, photography

Sleep, Ethel H. Blum Gallery, College of the Atlantic, Northeast Harbor, Maine 2006, etchings